DX 490 Rudder Bushings


Duramax DX490 Rudder Bushings are molded from a 70 Scale D Durometer, Nitrile Rubber Compound, formulated to withstand the rugged ?impact? service encountered in a ship?s rudder steering system. They possess high rigidity for maximum dimensional stability while still retaining a degree of resiliency to dampen peak shock loads. They are homogenous cylinders molded with longitudinal lubrication grooves.

  • Grease, oil and water serve equally well as lubricants
  • Resistant to deterioration by hydrocarbons, acids, salt water corrosion and electrolysis
  • Supplied with molded I.D. and O.D. dimensions with ample material for machining
  • Sizes available: I.D. from 1.45? to 9.11? (36.83mm ? 231.39)
  • O.D. from 2.35? to 12.22? (59.69mm ? 310.39mm)