Aquafoil 3B & 4B Propellers


A modern style propeller specifically designed for commercial use. Compare its efficient shape with those old fashioned ?clover leaf? round blade propellers. The ?skew back? blade development of Aqua Foil allows the leading edges to slice through the water with ease, as the maximum diameter is not in contact until nearly 70% of the blade width has passed.

The Aqua Foil four blade propeller is designed for applications where maximum power and thrust are required for towing, trawling or pushing. The additional blade ensures smoother operation and combined with the advantages of the modern design, real operational savings can be achieved with greater efficiency under all loaded conditions.

The Aqua Foil three blade propeller is a general purpose commercial propeller where heavy loadings are not encountered. This propeller is an engineered product manufactured to uncompromising standards in design, material, quality and finish?not just made to a price.

Raked Aquafoil 3B & 4B Propellers

Austral now produces Aqua Foil propellers with aft rake design. Basically this means the maximum diameter of the blade at the tip is tilted back just past the rear face of the propeller hub. This aft rake design normally means a larger diameter propeller can be fitted because of greater aperture available toward rear of boat.

Design Features and Advantages:

  • Heavy duty construction
  • 3 blade for general use
  • Individually pitchometer checked
  • Statically balanced
  • Very modern ?skew back? design
  • 4 blade for power and thrust
  • Raked models available
  • Cast in Nibral and Manganese Bronze