CompuQuin 5B Propellers

Propulsion optimization at its best !


With today?s trend towards large high speed craft using lighter construction materials and fitted with higher horsepower engines, new frontiers of propeller design have been demanded by astute users of these vessels. To meet this challenge Austral has now developed a complex five bladed propeller design to specifically suit these new and demanding applications.

The revolutionary CompuQuin five blade design has very efficient large wide blades, which significantly reduces the slip of high speed craft normally caused by excessive propeller loading (ie basically the propeller is too small for the size and power of the boat). This five blade design is produced from CNC machined patterns which ensures exceptional operational smoothness. CompuQuin has repeatedly proven a real winner when fitted to premium high speed pleasure or commercial boats.

CompuQuin 5B propellers are available from 14? ? 52? diameter, in both right and left hand rotation and in an extensive range of pitch sizes.

Design Features:

  • CAD/CAM computer developed
  • Multi blades for smoothness
  • Five large blades for efficiency
  • Varying pitch distribution
  • Patterns fully CNC machined
  • Disc Area Ratio = 0.96 maximum
  • Electronically balanced
  • Individually pitchometer checked
  • Cast in Nibral
  • Super Cup design also available

Performance Advantages:

  • Maximum thrust for minimum diameter
  • Overcomes excessive propeller loading
  • Ideal for restricted diameter aperture
  • Reduces slippage and cavitation
  • Incredibly smooth in operation
  • The ultimate propeller for fast premium boats