VEEM Sportfish LC

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The VEEMSportfish propeller has been designed specifically to meet the demands of modern, high powered sport fishing vessels. Optimised using the latest computational fluid dynamics software, this propeller design has an unbeaten performance record on the tournament circuit. The VEEMSportfish has demonstrated unrivalled speed, manoeuvrability, fuel efficiency and smoothness. Blade tip geometry has been optimised to minimise visible vortex signatures, ensuring a clean wake during trolling. Every VEEMSportfish propeller is offered with the ability to customise all aspects of the propeller geometry.


*Comes standard with Interceptor? Technology

Additional information


500mm ? 4600mm (20? ? 5?1?)

Pitch Distribution

Variable Pitch

Blade Section Type

Double Ogival/Cambered



Blade Rake



22.00 – 30.00


NiBrAl (Nickel Aluminium Bronze)

Manufacturing Standard

ISO 484/2 Class S minimum

Balance Standard

ISO 1940/1 G2.5 minimum