VEEM Superyacht

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  • VEEMHelix? vortex reducing blade tip geometry,
  • Very high skew (balanced),
  • Radially optimised pitch distribution,
  • Optimised blade flex for absorption of turbulent flow,
  • Lift optimised blade edge detail,
  • VEEM?s highly successful anti-singing edge detail,
  • Minimum manufacturing accuracy of ISO 484/2 Class S,
  • VEEM?s robotic high lustre polished blade surface,
  • ISO 1940/1 G2.5 (gas turbine) high accuracy dynamic balancing

Additional information


500mm ? 4600mm (20? ? 5?1?)

Pitch Distribution

Variable Pitch

Blade Section Type

Double Ogival/Cambered


35 Degrees

Blade Rake

0 Degrees


12.00 – 28.00


NiBrAl (Nickel Aluminium Bronze)

Manufacturing Standard

ISO 484/2 Class S minimum

Balance Standard

ISO 1940/1 G2.5 minimum