Tides Marine SureSeal System



The Tides Marine shaft seal system, is the market leader in dripless propeller shaft sealing. SureSeal™ has become an industry standard which is fitted to many production-built power boats, yachts and commercial craft.

The Tides Marine SureSeal™ system is a self-aligning shaft seal. The one-piece fibre-reinforced composite housing consists of a water lubricated PTFE shaft alignment bearing and lip seal. With no metal components, Sure Seal is inert to electrolysis.

Once the bearing is on the shaft, the risk of misaligning the SureSeal™ is reduced. The housing is connected to the stern tube by the means of an articulating hose which means there’s no measurement required resulting in very simple, self aligning fitting. The hose reduces side loads to the SureSeal™ when shaft misalignment occurs, extending the life of the bearing and lip seal.

SureSeal™ units have a worldwide warranty of 2500 engine hours, or two years (whichever comes first). Lloyds type and ABS Certification.

Spare lip seals in a special carrier case can be installed on the shaft at the time of installation. This allows for a simple change-out of the lip seal if it should be damaged. This can be done without the need to uncouple the shaft or the expense of removing the vessel from the water.

SureSeal™ can be easily fitted as a replacement for traditional packed glands or to upgrade from face seals.

We can utilize the shell of your existing packing gland.

When upgrading from a face seal, the Sure Seal eliminates the need to worry about any pre loaded tensions of rotor collars.

Don’t forget to look at the SMART SEAL temperature Alarm system as the perfect safety accessory to your SureSeal.