Propeller Repairs and Tuning

inboard Props

repairing commercial props using hale computerised scanning tool.
Commercial Props

Propeller Repairs

We can repair most types of propeller damage, from  reshaping blades to worn tips and damage from reef grounding where we we rebuild or reattach blades.  We repair  stainless and aluminium bronze blades for outboards, inboards, jets and  shaft driven propellers for all types of vessels and also bronze impeller pumps for the mining and other industrial applications.

Propeller Tuning

To get the best performance from your boat you need to have your propellers tuned to the best levels.  We can achieve savings in fuel, increases in cruising and top speeds by digitally scanning the curve and pitch of your propeller and then adjusting the blades.  There is also the benefit of reductions in  vibrations through balancing and matching the blades.

RL Marine use computerised scanning design and technical calculation for the correct estimation of propeller sizes.

MRI Prop Scanneer

We use the Hale MRI computerised propeller scanning system to ensure the highest performance for your vessel and cater for a wide range including Commercial, SuperYachts and Pleasure boats.

New Propellers

We are manufacturers and distributors for a wide variety of propellers.  Using our extensive experience and computer programs we can calculate the propeller to match the specifications of your boat or application to give optimum speed, torque, fuel efficiency and smoother vibration free running.

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Propellers are manufactured in different blade areas and diameters to suit different applications – yacht style, cruiser style, commercial style and Kaplan style in 3, 4 and 5 blade.

We are authorised applicators of propspeed.