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Sir I really wish to convey our sincere appreciation for the superb service which you continue to provide to my skipper, Darryn Muldoon at the Gold Coast, in regard to our vessel Reefrunner. You supplied two new shafts last year to the vessel and it has only recently really been sailed around the Bay area, but the skipper informs me that whenever he has contacted your firm, about a couple of things like stuffing boxes , and shaft balancing etc, you have been there on the spot, and ready to do whatever, whenever.. and we have had no such response from other marine engineers, locally that worked on the vessel, quite the opposite in fact, and we have been “ripped off” by them. Please be aware that your reliability and excellent service is being discussed and your firm will hopefully reap the benefits ten hundred fold, of what you do for us and our boat, we may be here in the middle east but we depend on honest, reliable and TRUSTWORTHY people such as yourself,while we are away and you have proved that you do, indeed look after the customer even after the job has been done.
Kind regards Royd Kennedy October 2,2009