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Hi Justin,

Just thought that you might appreciate some feedback on the chine stabilizers that Brad fitted to our boat. We have done about 30 hrs or so on varying bay conditions including quite choppy N and NE conditions and can now say with some confidence that the stabilizers make a very substantial difference underway and at anchor. Boat speed has not suffered at all as far as I can tell. The boat is no longer tender and roll motion is very much shorter. The boat is much more comfortable at anchor. We have not had to deploy the flopper stoppers at all. Also the transmission rattles have been entirely eliminated.

Also the bow rails are about as good as we could have anticipated, even better for that matter and suit the boat perfectly. Can you let Brad know that we are extremely pleased with his efforts.
Also please thank Aaron for replacing bearings, taking out the drive plate and fitting the rebuilt unit and getting the engine shaft alignment spot on.


Peter and Viki Baker.